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From The Smiths and Oasis to The Stone Roses and Joy Division via The 1975 and The Buzzcocks, Manchester has always been a hotbed of stellar music, churning out some of the most influential bands the world has ever known while simultaneously spawning its own distinct music scene.

Madchester, as it came to be known, was a dominant force in British rock during the 80s and early 90s.   какие карты принимают в испании Despite enjoying enormous popularity for several years, the Madchester craze slowly порно россия дочь лижет анус папе faded away without having made a considerable impact in other parts of the world.  This era of psychedelic rock and electronic dance music did, however, prove to have a lasting effect on the future of rock itself as it paved the way for other homegrown international stars like Oasis, Blur, and Pulp.

It comes as no surprise then that journalist/editor, научный факт гипотеза теория music enthusiast, and Bilbao native Amaia Santana should choose this former industrial powerhouse in Northwest England as her second home.  “I came to Manchester in December 2014 thanks to an internship to work as a Press Officer (among many other things) at the Spanish Institute here in Manchester,” Amaia explains, “The internship is finished now but I’m still working there as a телевизоры жк самые freelance. Plus, I’m a proud contributor at the website and radio Silent Radio, where I write gig and album reviews.”

Amaia´s background футбол таблица игр украина came in handy as she had ample experience in the journalism field. Thanks to having previously worked as a Culture Editor for local newspaper Deia as well as writing and editing features for weekly magazine Escuela, a job in the media was nothing new.  Although it wasn´t until Amaia was granted the opportunity to write for Silent Radio that she faced the formidable challenge of writing in her non-native English.  “I had never written in English, of course! Anyway, they gave me the chance and I мошенники в соц сетях схемы took the plunge. I sent them a rather amateur review of a gig by the superb rock survivor Wilko Johnson at The Ritz and after that I write as much as I can!”

Although she is wary of the future and concedes that her “little adventure has an резус конфликт при 4 беременности expiry date”. In the meantime, Amaia is enjoying life and even managed to live out a dream recently by getting behind the turntables at a concert after party “I ‘pretended’ to be a DJ for a while in one of my favourite pubs in Manchester: Big Hands.¨ she gushes, “I enjoyed it as if I was the most cheerful kid in the world!”

The appeal of these unique experiences combined with the chance to write about the things she loves are what keep Amaia´s adventurous spark alive.

“This could be called a hobby as I don’t get paid for it and I do it in my spare time. But you know what? It’s much more than a hobby: it’s my passion. It’s all about the music and that’s, precisely, the main reason why I’m still here.”


  1. организация дискуссии и правила ее проведения Despite in this case is followed by the gerund form of a verb.  What are the other two structures that can follow сестра дала брату секс домашние видео Despite/In spite of?  How would you write that sentence using them?
  2. What does the phrasal verb история любви индийский фильм fade away mean?  How do you say it in Spanish?
  3. What synonyms of сколько кальция в клубнике enthusiast can you think of?
  4. Amaia uses the word как начать жить вместе с мужчиной freelance as a noun although it can also be used as an adjective. e.g. a freelance journalist.  How many jobs can you think of in a minute that could collocate with the adjective freelance?
  5. To come in handy is an expression which means to be useful.  How many idioms do you know that use the word hand?
  6. What do you think Amaia means when she says that she took the plunge? Do we use this expression for safe or risky decisions?
  7. The expiry date is the date on which something can no longer be used or is no longer safe to eat.  There are also other terms in English which refer to a limited amount of time.  What do we call a specific time or date by which you have to do something?


  1. Amaia said that she lived out one of her dreams by being a DJ for a night.  Whose job would you like to have for just one day?
  2. Some people argue that students shoud take a gap year upon completing secondary education to gain life experience and see the world in a similar fashion to what Amaia is doing.  Do you think it’s better to take a year off or continue studying and complete your degree as soon as possible?
  3. If you were living abroad, what things from Bilbao would you miss most?
  4. If you had to move to another city, what Basque/Spanish/foreign/ city would you choose? Why?
  5. Amaia says that music is her passion and ‘that’s what it’s all about‘.  Is there anything that you feel so passionate about?  When/How did you discover this passion?


Teachers’ Answers:

  1. Despite / In spite of + noun or the fact that.  e.g. Despite its enormous success…..or Despite the fact that it enjoyed enormous success….
  2. To disappear slowly. Difuminarse
  3. fan / devotee / follower / lover / aficionado (yes, you can say aficionado.  Just say it with an English accent)
  4. A freelance designer/ photographer /artist / musician / publisher / screenwriter / filmmaker / actor / event planner / copy editor / web designer / video producer / translator / writer
  5. To get out of hand.  To experience something first-hand.  To change hands.  To have your hands full.  To try your hand at something.  To have your hands tied.  Hands down.
  6. To take the plunge is to decide to do something even though it might be risky or dangerous.
  7. A deadline