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The pilot of a Bilbao-bound Lufthansa flight was forced to use evasive maneuvres in the air on Saturday so as to avoid crashing into three different drones as he made his approach into Loiu.

The Airbus 320 operated by the German airline Lufthansa was flying at an altitude of around 900 meters and had already entered protected air space in its descent towards the runway in Loiu when the drones were spotted.  Favorable weather conditions came into play as the drones вязание шапочки детской со схемой could have easily been overlooked, красивые стихи мужу на ночь had it not been for the high visibility offered by clear, sunny skies on Saturday.   тестабудет бледнойи постепенно Having spotted the danger, the pilot took control of the Airbus, which had 168 passengers on board, and slightly altered the direction of the aircraft preventing a possible accident.

Local authorities were immediately notified and an Ertzaintza helicopter схема рабочего стола компьютера took to the skies in search of the drones, while a ground patrol unit was also dispatched to the area.  No evidence, however, was encountered.

The aviation industry has shown a great deal of concern over the increasing режимы плазменной резки ubiquity of these remote-controlled devices.  The European Air Safety Agency is currently studying the danger of unmanned aircrafts to commercial flights and is working on legislation that would regulate and limit their use by imposing heavy fines of up to 250,000 euros and severe punishments for those who disobey the law.

An operating license under current laws is only necessary for those who wish to use drones for professional purposes.  Recreational users on the other hand, are under no obligation to obtain any type of certification or complete any training courses in order to fly their drones.

Many parents инструкция по охране труда кастелянши детского сада give in to their children´s события происходящие в настоящий момент requests for a drone without fully understanding the repercussions of owning and operating the device.  ¨It was this year´s most popular gift item.¨explains Fabia Silva, who is the director of a drone service and education center based in Bilbao called Dronak.  ¨Some parents have even given their kids professional-grade drones which can turn into статья 318 упк a double-edged sword if they are used without the proper training.¨

Whether drones become a vital tool of commerce and a popular recreational device or a passing fad remains to be seen.  In the meantime, responsible use of drones should be encouraged so as to avoid other close-calls of this type in the future.


  1. What type of conditional sentence is being used in this phrase?  When do we use these types of conditionals?  A more formal variation of that conditional is being used here.  What would be a more standard version of this sentence?
  2. In this sentence we use a participle clause to make the sentence in a more economical way.  We can use эта проблема является актуальной в условиях particple clauses in to replace many different words such as фиксированный спинной мозг у детей so, каталог фабрик украины therefore, субъектом нарушения правил эксплуатации машин может быть because, скачать скайп на хр на русском when, etc…What word or words do you think we have replaced in this sentence with the http://xn--80aejl0addmqdb.xn--p1ai/delo/pochemu-pensiyu-ne-pereveli-na-kartu.html почему пенсию не перевели на карту participle clause?
  3. What does the expression модные свитера осень зима 2015 2016 схема take to the skies mean?
  4. What does the noun ubiquity mean?  What is its adjective form?
  5. What does it mean to give in to someone´s request?
  6. What does the expression a double-edged sword mean?



  1. Have you ever operated a drone or do you know someone who has?  Do you think drones will become a common household item?
  2. What kind of requirements or credentials do you think drone owners should have in order to use drones in public spaces?
  3. If (heaven-forbid) a drone were to cause an accident of this type or a car accident in which people were injured, what should the penalty be for the operator of the drone?
  4. has announced plans to use drones for same-day delivery of products to customers.  What do you think about this initiative?
  5. Drones have been used by some governments to monitor their citizens and people of interest?  How do you feel about this?




  1. 3rd conditional, used for hypothetical past situations.  In this case we use the more formal variation of beginning the ¨if clause¨ with the auxiliary verb had.  A standard form of the sentence would read, ´Favorable weather conditions came into play as the drones could have easily been overlooked, if it had not been for the high visibility offered by clear, sunny skies on Saturday.´
  2. As a result of spotting/After he had spotted the danger, the pilot took control of the Airbus, which had 168 passengers on board, and slightly altered the direction of the aircraft preventing a possible accident.
  3. To begin flying.
  4. The fact that somebody or something seems to be everywhere.  e.g. The ubiquity of Bertiz bakeries in Bilbao is troubling.  Ubiquitous.
  5. To cease fighting or arguing.
  6. a situation that has both positive and negative effects.