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расписание электричек омск петропавловск 2017 Among the current trends regarding communication, most brands are increasingly offering not just an option to buy something, but also поздравления в день пенсионера в стихах reaching out to their чтение английских букв и буквосочетаний таблица customers through an experience. This can be done in a трехсвятительский храм воронеж серафимовича расписание богослужений wide variety of different ways, but one way to do this is to take shops out of their traditional contexts and putting them in more urban areas such as in 2 de Mayo Street or in ZAWP in Zorrozaure while offering drinks and performances.

нарисованная женская рука The La Ribera Market, an emblematic place with its traditional character and local feeling, has succeeded in карусель рыбинск каталог blending both the traditional and modern. где перекроют дороги 24 июня в казани Furthermore, the market has differentiated itself from other more commercialised places like Artea and Max Center by giving up and coming local brands a chance to attract customers in a casual, but festive environment.

http://xn--80adhccskdixkmdq.xn--p1ai/tech/film-pravila-ohoti-2014.html фильм правила охоты 2014 An event which reflects just how popular the site has become is La Ribera Fashion Week, which was able to attract over 35,000 attendees last year. The event gives local vendors a place to display their products without saturating the potential customers by maintaining a solid amount of variety in terms of what will be on sale.

как убрать волосы в подмышках в домашних If people are not terribly keen on fashion, there are lots of other things they will be able to check out as there will be performances from bands and DJs which will be there to set the tone and create the appropriate atmosphere to drive the event forward.

дукора на карте рб км от мінска As many as twelve stands will be in the market, but they will be mixed in with the other more food-oriented spaces in order to get the пруд своими руками дешево и быстро attendees to experience not only the fashion week displays, but also the more “traditional” parts of the market that are available all year long.

как сделать скриншот на iphone 6 s The fashion week will take place from the 31st of May to June 5th and will be open from Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and then 4:30pm to 8pm and from 9am to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday. The musical performances from local DJs and bands will begin every evening at 7pm.

где в городе найти металлолом Learn1

  1. What does “reach out” mean?
  2. What is the difference between “customer” and “client”?
  3. What is a synonym for “a wide variety of”?
  4. What does “blend” mean? What is a “blender”?
  5. What does “furthermore” mean? What’s another way to say it?
  6. What is the difference between an “attendee” and an “assistant”?


  1. Have you ever been to La Ribera?
  2. Do you like going to markets? What’s the best one you’ve ever been to?
  3. Are you keen on fashion or is it not your cup of tea?
  4. Do you have a favourite clothing brand?
  5. Has Bilbao become very modern in the last 15 years? In what ways?

Teacher’s answers

  1. To reach out- llegar/alcanzar a un publico/una persona
  2. You are a customer in a restaurant. You are your accountant’s or lawyer’s client.
  3. a wide range of, a wide variety of, a host of, a vast quantity/amount of
  4. mezcla/mezclar; blender=licuadora, batidora
  5. ademas; moreover, additionally, what is more, on top of that
  6. attendee- asistente; assistant- ayudante- assist(ayudar)/attend(asistir)