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A league title or a European championship?  Which is more difficult to attain?  Which type of success would fans, players, and club owners prefer to enjoy?  When it comes to professional football, the одн с нового года jury каким бизнесом заняться в декрете  is still out on these questions.  While an international competition generally involves the cream of the crop, the best overall teams in the continent all hoping to hoist a trophy into the air when May rolls around, winning a league title usually takes a greater deal of perseverance, consistency, and stamina.

Any team with a scrap of talent, the argument goes, can put together a successful string of victories with a little bit of luck on their side. If that team peaks at the right moment, they just might come away with a European championship.  Winning a league title on the other hand is a grind.  It takes an enormous amount of physical conditioning, a good deal of mental discipline, and an ability to sustain one’s focus throughout the ups and downs of league play.

This is what makes the 2016 league title won by the Athletic Club Women’s Team so impressive and noteworthy.  After dealing with the какого цвета выбрать шторы trials and tribulations that are part of any team’s season-long journey, the Leonas came out on top, edging out Barcelona and putting an end to their 9 year как снять шеллак без жидкости для снятия drought without a league title.

¨Perseverance is key,¨explains forward Erika Vazquez, ¨there are moments of hardship and fatigue but the key is to believe you can do it and to never surrender, never город инта республика коми на карте throw in the towel

It marks the fifth time that Athletic has staked their claim as the league’s best team since their founding in 2000.  They displayed their dominance throughout the decade, completing a three-peat, in years 2003, 2004, and 2005, then following up with another league title in 2007.

Midfielder Eli Ibarra, who was fortunate enough to be a part of all 5 league titles, was overcome with emotion when the team found out that it was mathematically impossible for runner-up Barcelona to catch Athletic in the race for the title.  ¨I was so exhilarated and overjoyed that I had to call my parents with tears in my eyes.  It´s incredible to feel that your making history.¨

The players congregated on Tuesday to take part in a city-wide celebration which saw 20,000 supporters turn up to rally around their beloved champions.  Unfortunately, the festivities were охарактеризуйте методы селекции животных shrouded in a bit of controversy due to the noticeable absence of what many consider to be a staple of most Athletic celebrations – the Gabarra.

Local politicians claimed that sexism in sports had once again макеты зданий из бумаги своими руками схемы reared its ugly head while a petition on gathered some 30,000 signatures demanding that the Gabarra be an integral part of the celebration.  Instead, a bus paraded the women along from the Begoña Basilica to the town hall and on to the Diputación Palace.

Both Eli and Erika dismissed these complaints asserting that they were afforded the same celebration as the men´s team which won the Supercopa in August.  Instead, they highlighted how privileged they feel to have taken part in the celebrations.  ¨We want to express extreme gratitude to all our fans and supporters.  We were тест каким ты будешь ютубером flabbergasted to see so many people on the streets of Bilbao.¨


  1. карта железногорска курской области с улицами The jury is still out is an expression which means that a clear decision about something or someone has yet to be reached.  What is a jury and what do they deliver?
  2. What do you think проблема счастья некрасов trials and tribulations refers to?
  3. How do you say сонник убегать от цунами drought in Spanish?  What is the root word of drought?  What other weather-related phenomena/disasters can you name in English?
  4. Erika demonstrates good working knowledge of expressions by accurately using график выходных в июне 2017 to throw in the towel.  How many other ways can you think of to express the same idea?
  5. правила безопасного поведения в осенне зимний период Shrouded means literally to cover or hide something.  What other nouns besides controversy do you think could collocate with shrouded?
  6. пременопауза и мазня причина Rear its ugly head is an expression that means to appear and cause problems.  Can you think of any current events in which something has можно ли отравиться краской для волос reared its ugly head?
  7. Both Eli and Erika once again show off an impressive vocabulary using the word flabbergasted.  What do you think this extreme adjective means?


  1. How big of a problem do you think sexism is in modern-day sports?  Is it worse in some countries than others?
  2. Athletic’s president, Josu Urrutia, was heavily criticized for not featuring the Gabarra as part of the team’s celebration.  What do you think about the club’s decision to exclude it from the proceedings?
  3. What measures do you think should be taken in order to level the playing field for female and male athletes?
  4. How difficult do you think it is for athletes/sportspeople to juggle their personal or professional responsibilities with time devoted to their sport?
  5. Do you think most professional athletes are overpaid?  Would you have the same answer for both male and female sports?

Teachers´ Answers:

  1. A jury is a body of people (usually 12) that delivers a verdict of innocence or guilt.
  2. Trials and tribulations are things which test your patience or endurance.
  3. Sequía.  The root word is dry.  Hurricane/Tornado/Earthquake/Flood etc..
  4. to give up / to admit defeat / to stop trying / to call it a day
  5. shrouded in mystery / shrouded in secrecy / shrouded in fog
  6. Football hooliganism has recently reared its ugly head at the Euro 2016.
  7. astonish / astound / amaze / surprise / startle / shock