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понятиеи виды предпринимательской деятельности реферат Prank videos have seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years.  Many amateur youtubers have gained notoriety and http://kratomproject.org/tech/marshruti-obshestvennogo-transporta-tveri.html маршруты общественного транспорта твери made a name for themselves by playing practical jokes on unsuspecting passersby.

http://www.amazoniajiujitsu.fr/community/skolko-pensiya-u-invalida-detstva-1-gruppi.html сколько пенсия у инвалида детства 1 группы One such digital comedian is Remi Gaillard, a french prankster whose videos have received over a billion hits on youtube. Gaillard has achieved worldwide fame by carrying out stunts such as http://shmidovy.ru/leon/formalniy-metod-prinyatiya-resheniy.html формальный метод принятия решений paying homage to Mario Kart on the streets of Paris, recreating PacMan in public, and shocking confused pedestrians dressed as a kangaroo.  He has been propelled to digital stardom and in the process, paved the way for anyone armed with a video camera and an original idea to record their skit in the hope that it goes viral.

http://solvaracing.hu/community/kak-pravilno-nakachat-verh-grudnih-mishts.html как правильно накачать верх грудных мышц Another online prankster, known as MrGranBomba, made headlines in Spain last week when his attempt at a practical joke http://www.savezvousplanterdeschoux.com/community/flagi-vmf-rossii-znacheniya.html флаги вмф россии значения backfired.  After approaching an http://mail.vatancomputer.com/community/muzhskie-igrushki-svoimi-rukami.html мужские игрушки своими руками on duty delivery man and politely asking for directions, GranBomba subtly insulted the worker, calling him ‘cara anchoa‘ (anchovy face).  The delivery man, whose face is obscured to protect his identity, изделия из теста с начинкой flew into a rage and violently slapped the youtuber across his left cheek.

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http://jordi-simon.com/delo/karta-polshi-1939-goda-na-russkom.html карта польши 1939 года на русском

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cpu b950 2.10 ghz характеристика The video was uploaded to GranBomba’s youtube channel with a detailed explanation of his subsequent hospital visit along with a rant about the delivery man’s overreaction and the promise that further legal action would be taken against the attacker.

методы реализации политики Opinions on the Internet differed with many twitter users voicing their support for the delivery man who was simply minding his own business before being insulted.  MrGranBomba has since deleted his twitter account and removed the majority of his videos from his youtube channel after expressing disbelief at the overwhelming support that his attacker was receiving.

Trendsmap Spain, a website which shows the latest trending topics from anywhere in the world, reported that MrGranBomba’s incident was http://dvs-saab.ru/tech/oge-russkiy-zadanie-4-testi.html огэ русский задание 4 тесты creating quite a buzz as social media users came out in support of the pestered worker. One user even suggested setting up a crowd funding site to pay for the legal costs of the worker if the matter progresses to court.


  1.  What does the expression make a name for yourself mean?  What other words can you use to paraphrase this idea?
  2. Is there another noun you can use in this phrase that also collocates with the verb pay?
  3. Backfire is used as a verb here to mean that something had a result opposite to what was planned.  How might you express this in Spanish?
  4. On duty means that someone is currently doing one’s work.  What is the opposite of on duty?
  5. To fly into a rage means to suddenly become extremely angry.  Do you know any other ways of expressing this idea?
  6. A buzz is a term used frequently in marketing which is anything that creates excitement or gossip.  There is also another meaning of this word as used in the phrase, The first cigarette I smoked gave me a real buzz.  What do you think it means in that case?


  1. Who do you sympathize with in this case? Do you think the youtuber deserved to be on the receiving end of a slap?  Or do you think the worker overreacted?
  2. How do you think you would react if you were the victim of a prank of this sort?  Does it depend on the type of prank?  Are there practical jokes that are done in good taste?
  3. Do you follow or suscribe to any youtubers?  What type of content do they create?  Why do you find them entertaining?
  4. With so many streaming video services available to us nowadays, do you think traditional satellite and cable TV will soon become a thing of the past?
  5. Do you know how crowdfunding works?  Is there any product that doesn’t yet exist which you would certainly invest in to help bring it to fruition?

Teacher’s answers

  1. to become famous or respected by a lot of people. to move up in the world, to get on, to get ahead
  2. you can also say pay tribute to something
  3. producir un efecto indeseado, salir el tiro por la culata
  4. off duty
  5. to lose your temper, to go mad, to see red, to lose your cool, to go off the deep end
  6. the feeling experienced by someone in a stimulated state