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причина не выключения ком на машине урал Filming for the upcoming movie ‘Aundiya’ has been taking place in Bilbao, and will continue in several locations throughout the Basque Country. Recently, the actors and http://jarbooleey.com/leon/gotovim-makaroni-s-gribami.html готовим макароны с грибами crew took over the pedestrian area of Diputación, in Moyua. Walking through http://macosur.com/leon/pritcha-o-seyatele-tolkovanie.html притча о сеятеле толкование fake snow and dressed in 19th century clothing, the team filmed four scenes of the film based on the story by Miguel Joaquin Eleizegi, Altzoko Handia.

Aitor Arregi and Jon Garaño are the directors of this new film, while Andoni de Carlos has developed the script. Pre-production lasted nine weeks, before filming started on the 11th of April in Artikutza, Beizama, Itsaso and Bilbao, to name a few. In Bilbao, filming took place behind and inside the Regional Council building, while in Leioa Artaza Manor provided a perfect через какое результаты backdrop.

“We wanted to use the back of the Regional Council offices to look like London; that’s why we added the snow. In the afternoon, we filmed inside, making it look like the court of Isabel II of Spain. That’s why we came to Bilbao from San Sebastian: to see London, Madrid and Paris”, said the producer, Xabi Berzosa, somewhat sarcastically.

Filming is ongoing, but the idea for the film stretches quite far back, as Jon Garaño explains: “Well, I can’t remember how long I’ve been intending to carry out this project. Initially, the producers Irusoin and Moriarti didn’t pay much attention to it, but eventually they история второй любви gave me http://www.privatechefsofatlanta.com/community/plan-otdela-obrazovaniya-na-2016-god.html план отдела образования на 2016 год the green light, and I was keen for the chance to present the project in a much better way. But then I didn’t do anything; the script writer Andoni de Carlos presented his script for Antzoko Handiarekin at Irusoin, with the intention of making an animated film. We spoke with Andoni and asked him to alter his script for an adult audience. Consequently, we have eight versions of the script”.

In order to make the area around the Regional Council headquarters look like London, some of the http://polarfarve.com/community/biznes-plan-kafe-primer-s-tselyu.html бизнес план кафе пример с целью lampposts were removed and the holes filled in. Some aspects will also be digitally altered to resemble London in 1866. As Eneko Sagardoy, from I&M, has pointed out: “it’s a lot of work; clothes, hairstyles, props and the way of speaking all have to be changed. It poses an interesting challenge: the clash between the old world and the new, and where their way of thinking has led us”.


  1. What is a  http://travelbelka.com/delo/trebovaniya-k-polimernim-materialam.html требования к полимерным материалам crew? You may have heard it in other contexts – cabin crew, for example.
  2. What is the meaning of  крем для рук atrix fake?
  3. What is a история игрушек 2 1999 backdrop? In this particular context it is more conceptual.
  4. Do you know what  райское место сколько to give the green light means? Think about traffic.
  5. Do you have any idea what  http://profnasteel.com.ua/delo/1-ponyatie-o-metodah-i-priemah-obucheniya.html 1 понятие о методах и приемах обучения lampposts are?


  1. Have you read the original book Altzoko Aundiya?
  2. Do you tend to prefer books or their film adaptations? Why?
  3. Do you think you would go to see this film? Why (not)?
  4. What are you reading at the moment? What was the last book you read?
  5. What was the last film you saw? What’s the next film you might go to see?



  1. Crew is like team or staff.
  2. Fake is a synonym of false.
  3. A backdrop is a setting or environment.
  4. To give the green light means to approve something.
  5. Lampposts are street lights (farolas in Spanish).