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To some it’s pure violence, while to others it’s the sport of true champions. Whether we like it or not, no one can deny the fact that fighting has always been something which has caught people’s attention. The Basque Country is no exception when it comes to fighting sports as Paulino Uzkudun, the aizkolari-turned-boxer, famously fought various world champions in the early 20th century. The россельхозбанк какие кредитные карты burly Basque man who was from from the small Guipuzkoan town of Errezil, fought in various heavyweight bouts and finished up his career with 70 fights and 34 knockouts. However, new forms of fighting have become increasingly popular, namely kickboxing and mixed martial arts as boxing has somewhat faded into the background in terms of its financial success. We were able to get in touch with a semi-pro kickboxer, Arie Van den Bos who hails from the Netherlands.

After arriving in the Basque Country in 2012, Arie immediately looked for a place to train and eventually met his current trainer Josito Idagarra who along with Borja Pacheco как продать гараж в гта run the JB Combat School in Bolueta. The school has around 60 members and roughly a quarter of them are competing nowadays. The gym has plans to expand and open a new location which will be как сделать кубик для настольной игры a stone’s throw away from the Bolueta underground station on Bilbao-Galdakao Errepidea street. The owners have где в яндекс браузере флеш плеер come up with new plans for the gym that will have three rings, 30 different heavy bags, a survival run training circuit, a spinning area and a fitness area.

However, it’s vital стихи слушать скачать to keep in mind as Arie pointed out that, “You can have all the training equipment in the world, but without an льготный проезд ветеранам труда федерального значения iron will and the right people to support you, you’re nothing.” Although it runs the risk of being cliché as it’s said by coaches all over the world, sport is always more mental than physical. To train for a fight, Arie dedicates 6 weeks just to focus specifically on the upcoming bout. This means spending at least 2 hours in the gym every day along with running and watching his weight. “Depriving your body of food when it needs it most is one of the toughest things every fighter can go through. I have jumped rope wearing rubbish bags to lose 500 grams the day before a fight. Fighting is a strange sport compared to other sports in how it can control every aspect of your life.”

Arie feels that one of the most challenging things about kickboxing isn’t strengthening your muscles, but training your mind to be calm in a situation in which your “ образец анкета клиента в сто fight or flight” instincts kick in. “Our natural tendency if someone is trying to hit us is to turn our backs to our opponent and close our eyes. In a fight, this is the last thing you want to do because you sabotage your own defences in this way. With training, you learn to take control of the situation and react correctly,” he said.

Despite the fact that kickboxing пополнить счет водафон без комиссии через карту takes its toll both physically and mentally on its practitioners, the benefits it can provide should not be underestimated, “It’s a great ледниковый период 5 столкновение workout, and beyond that it’s something that can help people improve their self-confidence knowing that they are able to defend themselves,” Arie said.


  1. What does “ как завязывать шнурки на ботинках burly” mean?
  2. What are the other definitions of если женщина долго не занимается сексом run besides “correr”?
  3. What does “ багги своими руками чертежи из ваз 2108 a stone’s throw away mean?
  4. What does “ как правильно красить губы помадой фото come up with” mean?
  5. What’s another way of saying “ где похоронен давыдов to keep in mind“?
  6. What does “ замена водительских прав новости iron will” mean here?
  7. What does “ черчесов назвал состав сборной fight or flight” mean?
  8. What does “ to take its toll” mean?
  9. Workout” means “exercise” here, but what else can it mean as a phrasal verb?



  1. Why do you think people like fighting?
  2. Are humans naturally violent?
  3. What is your favourite form of exercise?
  4. Do you think everyone should learn self defence?
  5. What is your favourite sport to watch? Your least favourite?

Teacher’s answers:

  1. Muscular
  2. Operate a business/programme; you can also run a risk
  3. to be close
  4. proponer/inventar
  5. to bear in mind/to take into account
  6. to have a strong resolve/desire to do something
  7. when someone is in a situation where they are fighting for survival or they have to run away in order to escape/survive
  8. to have a negative impact; toll=peaje
  9. it can mean “to calculate”