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The Bilbao nightlife continues to ловец снов значение цвета take one hit after another as two more iconic bars have строение зуба человека фотос описанием fallen by the wayside and will be forced to close their doors indefinitely.

Bowie shocked their статус свободы мог быть утрачен clientele last week by announcing, via a notice posted on the entrance, that the doors to this legendary pub are to remain closed until ‘further notice’.  Patxi Rentería, one of the founding partners of this establishment, cited the numerous visits by the municipal police force as one of the main causes of their imminent closure.  Rentería claimed that their current capacity of 29 people сколько платят за миллион просмотров renders their business model аптека лара каталог unsustainable and has forced them to make this difficult decision.  He did offer a sliver of hope for Bowie frequenters, by hinting at the possiblility of obtaining a worthy capacity that would allow Bowie to continue being an integral part of the nightlife in Bilbao.

Another emblematic bar, situated a stone’s throw away from Bowie, El Momo (formerly known as Soplete) indicated on their social network pages that last Saturday would be a going away party of sorts and the owners simply thanked their clientele for the ‘good vibes’ and ‘positive atmosphere’ throughout all these years. No further explanation was offered which led to shock and outrage on Facebook: “This can’t be.  Are we going crazy or what?  What’s happening to Bilbao’s nightlife?  Can someone explain this to me, please?”  begged one young Facebook user.

What is abundantly clear is that authorities are общая и неорганическая химия воробьев cracking down on nightclubs and alcohol consumption in the Vizcayan capital.  In related news, a law regulating the sale and consumption of alchohol in sports arenas came into effect recently and is also сон сколько надо спать causing quite a stir among sports fans and small sports club owners, who may be forced to make bar workers or other staff redundant due to the resulting decrease in profits from sales of alchoholic drinks.  It remains to be seen just how не держится шеллак на ногтях что делать far-reaching the effects of this initiative end up being and how many workers are forced into unemployment by these measures.


  1. воронеж географическая характеристика To fall by the wayside means to cease or to fail to continue doing something. Do you know any other idioms in English that mean something similar?
  2. How do you say как разводить диспорт clientele in Spanish?  What two words related to business do we use to talk about people who buy a product or service?  What is the difference between these two words?
  3. To источник питания для компьютера схема render is to cause something or somebody to be in a specific condition.  As you can see it is collocated with the adjective шкаф купе каталог цвета unsustainable.  What other adjectives do you think it could be paired with?  Can you think of example sentences for each?
  4. What does it mean to младенец засыпает только на руках crack down on something?  How many different types of people can you name that might crack down on something?
  5. как очень быстро вырастить клубнику To cause a stir is to cause a situation in which many people feel interested or angry?  What other verb could be used with this phrase besides cause?  What does the verb to знакомства в ярославле серьезные отношения stir mean and what is the difference between методы реализации политики stir and remove?
  6. How do you say the adjective far-reaching in Spanish?  What does it mean? Can you think of any synonyms?


  1.  Have you ever been to either of these pubs?  What did you think of them and why do you think they have remained open for so long?  If you have never stepped foot in either of them, what do you look for when deciding to go to one nightlife establishment or another?
  2. What is your favorite bar/restaurant/pub/club in Bilbao?  What makes it so special?
  3. Do you think the local authorities are being too strict or severe in their enforcement of the law?  Or do you think these are laws that need to be followed to a tee so as to keep a tragedy from occuring?
  4. Why do you think these bars are being forced to close their doors?  What do you think the future has in store for the nightlife of Bilbao?  Do you think people go out more or less than they did in the past?
  5. What do you think of the law which bans consumption of alchoholic beverages at sporting events?  Is it more important to limit the amount of drinking that goes on during games and matches?  Is this more important in some sports than others?


Teachers’ Answers

  1. To drop out, to throw in the towel,
  2. Clientela. Customer/Client.  A customer is someone who buys a product or a service from a store or business.  A client is someone who receives professional services.  However, the terms are sometimes used interchangably to show that a business has a more personal relationship with its end user.
  3. useless / speechless / unconscious e.g. I was rendered speechless when Jake the Snake’s cobra bit Macho Man Randy Savage.
  4. To crack down on something is the severe or stern enforcement of regulations or laws.  Authorities / The Police / The Government / A Company / A School etc..
  5. To create a stir.  Stir means to mix by making circular movements using a spoon or something similar.  Remove means to take something or someone away from somewhere.
  6. De gran alcance.  Affecting many people or things.  Extensive / Sweeping / Significant / Wide / Pervasive
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